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Our experts have helped companies to successfully migrate their infrastructure to cloud without any disruption and make sure that it is fast and cost optimized.

If you are already having any app running on managed data centres or on private servers, migration is the first step to be eligible to take advantage of the cloud. As a part of the migration process, we define your cloud journey, plan steps accordingly and execute efficiently.

Our Certified Team will help you to perform migrations from On-premises to Cloud, Cloud to Cloud.

Migrate your heterogeneous, complex IT environments to advanced cloud platforms at no disruption and zero data loss with Cloud4C.

Moving your application to Cloud requires a systematic strategy derived by validating efficient ways to migrate it. This strategy depends on the complexity of your environment. When you step into moving the application to cloud, there are some important considerations that you need to make. We at MMI make it easy for you by creating a proper plan and assessments.


Our migration strategy involves 6 important stages such as Re-host, Re-platform, Re-purchase, Re-factor/ Re-architecture, Retain, Retire.

Migration Process


Cloud computing can scale to support massive workloads and more users, much more seamlessly than on-premises infrastructure. In traditional IT environments, companies had to buy and set up physical servers, software licenses, storage and network equipment to beef up business services.

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

Guarantee a flawless migration of your applications, data and workloads to a cloud-based environment.

Our Cloud Migration Services

Gain 24/7 cloud migration consulting and cloud services support. It’s a fail-proof roadmap to an intelligent, resilient company future.

Datacenter Migration and Infrastructure Modernization

We’ll architect your Datacenter exit (DC Exit) strategy & securely migrate all mission-critical workloads, applications, databases, existing platforms with unprecedented agility on a hyper-performance, always available, scalable cloud architecture.

Disaster Recovery & Enterprise Backup Services

Avail our world-class disaster recovery offerings including secure colocation services, database backups and recovery, planned runbook creation, uninterrupted network-server infra and architecture support, automated risk management tools, global compliance, and 24/7/365 consultancy support.



We not only help you in zero data loss migration but also helps you to embrace big data solutions running on top of your database stacks enabling competent data intelligent decision-making.



and Reporting

Avail centralized visibility over your entire cloud architecture, automated alert mechanisms including threat notifications, analytical reports, and business intelligence. 




Transition all your core platforms including backend architectures, protocols, libraries, database management systems, microservices, Kubernetes, containers, and more to the cloud. 




With end-to-end cloud managed security services, gain advanced risk assessment and management, intelligent threat prediction-detection-mitigation capabilities powered by industry-leading platforms.


Migration and Modernization

Avail our end-to-end application modernization services to embed advanced capabilities and micro-services.

Migrate enterprise applications such as SAP ERP and other CRM, etc tools for maximum benefits.


With our deep domain expertise and automation skills, we have developed frameworks and implementation methodologies that have helped many organizations scale their automation solutions with ease and gain faster time-to-value.

Our Differentiators 


One of the most trusted Cloud Migration and Managed Cloud Service Providers

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Strict compliance to regulatory and in-country data residency standards


Zero Friction Cloud Migration Model

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High availability 99.95%, hyper-scalability, industry-best uptime


Expertise with hundreds of cloud-native tools and applications, best managed according to tailored business needs

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Dedicated DR on Cloud offerings, complex environments with automated recovery-backup, failback-failover mechanisms

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